Fentanyl brand name  duragesic should just be recommended by specialists who are knowledgeable about treating torment in disease patients. It ought to be utilized just to treat leap forward malignancy torment (sudden scenes of torment that happen in spite of all day and all night treatment with torment medicine) in growth patients something like 18 years old (or if nothing else 16 years old if taking Actiq mark tablets) who are taking routinely planned dosages of another opiate (sedative) torment solution, and who are tolerant (used to the impacts of the prescription) to opiate torment pharmaceuticals. This drug ought not be utilized to treat torment other than constant tumor torment, particularly here and now torment, for example, headaches or different migraines, torment from damage, or torment after a restorative or dental strategy. Fentanyl may cause genuine breathing issues or passing on the off chance that it is utilized by individuals who are not being treated with other opiate medicines or who are not tolerant to opiate pharmaceuticals.

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