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Nembutal 24grams


Nembutal 24grams (lethal dose)

1 bottle 12 g

2 bottle 24 g


Nembutal 24grams

Buy Nembutal 24grams for sale without prescription online. drug used in veterinary medicine for anaesthesia and euthanasia. Nembutal 24grams for sale online

Pentobarbital is a drug used in veterinary medicine for anaesthesia and euthanasia. Acute poisoning can be fatal due to cardiogenic shock, and respiratory arrest secondary to its potent action on the respiratory centre. The lethal dose for pentobarbital when ingested ranges from 2 to 10 g.

Barbiturates are weak acids used as sedatives, hypnotics, induction agents and anticonvulsants. Pentobarbital is a short acting barbiturate that is well absorbed, and its duration of action ranges from 4 to 8 hours with a half life of 15 to 50 hours. It is rarely used in human beings in the UK. Overdose in human beings is therefore rare and should be suspected in patients who present as barbiturate overdose and work in the veterinary field. Pentobarbital overdose can lead to airway compromise, aspiration, cardiovascular collapse, sedation, coma, respiratory or cardiac arrest and death. Treatment consists of airway protection, haemodynamic support, treating superadded infections and slow rewarming. In early overdose, there is some role of gastric lavage with activated charcoal. Forced alkaline diuresis and haemodialysis are of limited use as this drug is highly protein bound and lipid soluble.

In this case, we were presented with a patient who had taken a fatal barbiturate overdose. The unfamiliarity with the drug led us to treat it as phenobarbital overdose which was similar, but less effective. None of the local laboratories were able to process the pentobarbital levels due to the rarity. The patient had cardiac, respiratory and central nervous system failure from the overdose. The myocardial depressant effects of pentobarbital were marked, lasting more than 48 hours, but resolved first. Respiratory drive returned with spontaneous breathing on day 6. Central nervous system was the last to recover, which though delayed was complete. Although a suspicion of global hypoxic/hypoperfusion brain injury was raised earlier in the course of treatment, there was no functional deficit noticed on extubation. This was possibly also due to the neuroprotective effect of barbiturates. The patient recovered without any neurological sequelae. Nembutal 24grams without prescription

Also, 1 bottle is enough. 1 bottle of veterinary Nembutal (12 gms) will end the life of a frail, elderly person already close to death.  But a physically strong person, healthy in all ways except their terminal illness (for instance, brain cancer) it is necessary for the person wishing be certain to die to drink two bottles of it (24 gms).

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