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Rohypnol (Flunitrazepam) also known as Narcozep, Rohypnol, Rohipnol, Roipnol, or in the vernacular, simply roofies — is an intermediate acting benzodiazepine used as an hypnotic, sedative, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and skeletal muscle relaxant drug.

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Rohypnol 2mg is a sedative around ten times more intense than Valium. The medication is accessible as a white or olive-green pill and is normally sold in the producer’s air pocket bundling. Clients pound the pills and grunt the powder, sprinkle it on cannabis and smoke it, break up it in a beverage or infuse it.


Rohypnol has been utilized to submit rapes since it renders the unfortunate casualty unequipped for opposing, giving it the notoriety of a “date-assault” medicate.

Rohypnol 2mgclients frequently depict its belongings as “deadening.” The impacts begin twenty to thirty minutes in the wake of taking the medication, top inside two hours and may endure for eight or even twelve hours. A man can be so crippled (made unfit to act) they crumple. They lie on the floor, eyes open, ready to watch occasions yet totally unfit to move. A short time later, memory is weakened and they can’t review any of what occurred.

The individual encounters loss of muscle control, perplexity, sleepiness and amnesia. Rohypnol is sold in Europe and Latin America as a resting pill, yet it is unlawful in the United States.